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Welcome to the Shropshire Gateway Educational Trust

A warm welcome to you. If you are reading this induction, then you are joining our Shropshire Gateway Educational team, perhaps as a member of staff, volunteer or governor/ director. This induction has been designed to support you through the process of induction, providing all of the resources and training in one place. As you work through the induction, feel free to stop and take breaks at any time and come back to the presentation again. You will probably have lots of questions as you work through the process, so jot these down as you go through and share them with your school.

Katie Jones, Executive Headteacher of Shropshire Gateway Educational Trust

Induction for Staff and Volunteers

Take your time to work through the PowerPoint below to complete your induction process. 

SGET Staff & Volunteer Induction Package


Induction and useful information for directors and governors

Please note - only set people have access to these resources. Please see IT if you are unable to access and you are a director of the Trust or a Governor of one of the academies.