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Accessibility Plan 2017-2018
English Policy
March 2017
Positive Behaviour March 2017
Progression in Writing March 2017
Homework Policy June 2017
Admissions Policy June 2017
Marking Policy September 2017


Safeguarding Policies
Policy Name Date Next Review
Child Protection Policy                                      Jul 17 Jul 18
E-Safety Policy Nov 16 Nov 18
Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Jul 17 Jul 18
Other Policies
Policy Name Date Next Review
Equality Statement                                             Feb 17 Feb 18
Equality Policy Feb 17 Feb 20
Complaints Policy Apr 16 Apr 18
Charging and Remissions Policy Jan 16 Jan 18
Charging and Remissions Policy Nov 16 Nov 17
Charging Policy Nov 17 Jan 2018
Health and Safety Policy Nov 17 Nov 18
Financial Pooling Policy Nov 17 Nov 18
Finance Policy Nov   

Risk Management Strategy

Nov 17 Nov 18
SGET Directors Reports and Financial Statements. Year End August 2017  
Annual Accounts 2016/17    
Whistleblowing Policy   Feb 2018
Child and Education Policies
Policy Name Date Next Review
Behaviour policy May 2018 Sep 2019
Anti-Bullying Policy July 17 July 18
Administering Medication Policy July 16 July 19
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions July 16 July 19
Accessibility Plan    
Admission Catchment Map    
British Values    
Feedback and Marking    
Intimate Care    
Progression in Calculation    
Teaching and Learning    
Writing and Communication    
Progression In writing    
More able Pupils    
PSHE RSE July 2018 July 2019