Staylittle Residential

Year 6 had a great time during their residential. Staylittle Outdoor Education Centre, located in Llanbrynmair, Wales, provided us with a range of exciting activities, where the children had to apply the 6Rs of learning (resilience, respectful, reflective, reasoning, resourceful and responsible).

Jumping Jaxx

Year 6 went up to Lacon Childe School for some training (called Jumping Jaxx) on how to be successful play leaders. This enabled them to develop their own leadership and teamwork skills, whilst training to be play leaders. Following this, they are now looking forward to applying their skills on the KS1 and 2 playgrounds.



Year 6 are looking forward to their residential visit to Staylittle Outdoor Centre for the week commencing 6th November.

Staylittle Outdoor Centre