Local Offer

The aim of our Local Offer is to provide families with information about what support is available to support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and how to access it.

Stottesdon Gateway Nursery is committed to the inclusion of all children. We believe that all children have the right to be cared for, educated and offered positive experiences, allowing them to develop to their full potential, alongside each other and enabling them to share opportunities and experiences and learn from each other. We provide a positive, caring and warm environment where children are supported according to their individual needs.

Our SENCO members of staff are Sara Clulee and Rebecca Home.

Our Local Offer: Questions & Answers:

How will Stottesdon Gateway Nursery know if my child needs extra help and what do I do if I think my child may have SEND?

During your child's time at Stottesdon Gateway Nursery we carry out a number of assessments and observations. Starting with 'Initial Observations' these are completed during your child's first couple of sessions at the Nursery. We combine these with a 2 year old check which is completed within the first term of your child starting at Stottesdon Gateway Nursery. Together these assessments build up a picture of your child's abilities and development levels. We also carry out monthly observations, that include snap shot or written observations supported by photographic evidence. At the end of each term we also complete a 'Tracker' which allows staff members to highlight what your child is able to confidently do, using different colours for each term means that a child's progress is easily monitored .

We believe that working with parents is key to monitoring a child's development so if you think that your child may have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) please speak to your child's key person who will be able to build a picture of your child and then contact the local Special Educational Needs (SEN) team for support.

How will Stottesdon Gateway Nursery support children with SEND?

When your child starts at Stottesdon Gateway Nursery you will given a registration pack to complete, this will help staff learn about your child's likes and dislikes, strengths and areas for support.

The Nursery SENCO will explain how children's individual needs can be met through working together, listening to your child, planning and providing extra support using an Individual Learning and Provision Plan (ILPP) and with support from the area SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator). The child's Key Person will work closely with the SENCO and the parents to ensure that the child's needs are being met as required, with full support and supervision from the Nursery Manager.   Observations, assessments and evaluations all contribute to the child's ILPP. This will allow identification of the child's individual needs, and plan next steps, it would also highlight if additional support from other professionals is required. The key person would then ensure that the child is working towards completion of the targets set. The targets would be reviewed in partnership with parents on a regular basis.

How will Stottesdon Gateway Nursery create learning and development opportunities for individual children with SEND?

When your child starts at Stottesdon Gateway Nursery we offer the child a free trial session. We use this session to see if the child and the parents are happy in our Playgroup, and we also get to know the child while their parents are supporting them. Parents are also invited to remain with their child until they are happy that they have settled in to nursery.

By carrying out observations on your child during their first session we are already starting to build up a picture of the child's needs, likes and interests. This is used as a starting point when linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) development matters, we can then set targets to support learning and development if required. The child's Key Person will suggest activities to suit the child's needs and likes and will also suggest a next step each week to be included in the planning documents which will help the child move forward. We also ask that parents provide the nursery with copies of any assessments from other professionals before your child starts if they have them or when you receive them, if your child has already started at nursery. Advice will be sought from the area SENCO with parental permission.

How does Stottesdon Gateway Nursery work in partnership with parents?

Stottesdon Gateway Nursery has an 'open door' policy, which means we welcome parents in to our setting at any time. Parents can drop in, call or email the nursery when ever they want to. We offer parents meetings twice a year where parents are invited in to the nursery and have time to sit down with their child's Key Person and learning journey, this offers opportunities for parents and the Key Person to speak openly about the child's leaning, development and needs. We also encourage our parents to join our committee and help actively manage the nursery, through planning activities, trips and fundraising for the nursery. We operate a home diary, where we ask parents to write about special events, the weekend or anything of interest, to share with staff members. There is also opportunity during drop off and collection to have discussion if necessary. If we observe that a child may have SEND then we would invite parents for a meeting in the nursery and discuss possible actions.

How does Stottesdon Gateway Nursery support the physical and emotional well being of young children with SEND?

All staff welcome children and families in to the nursery with a happy and friendly attitude. They provide an inclusive, sensitive and positive atmosphere within the room. Staff members model positive behaviour towards the children, all staff are consistent in the day to day care of the children. We offer a flexible approach to our daily routine adapting sessions as required. The environment is set out to provide working play spaces for the children to explore and learn in. Activities are adapted to meet the needs of all children to ensure they can be fully engaged.

What training and experience do the staff at Stottesdon Gateway Nursery have in supporting children SEND?

Both Sara and Beccy have attended full and relevant training to be the named setting SENCO, as suggested by Shropshire Council. All members of staff have also attended Makaton training and subsequently taught staff members within the setting. Between all members of staff we all have a range of different experiences which allow us to provide support for children with SEND.

What specialist services and expertise is available to Stottesdon Gateway Nursery?

The Nursery is supported by the SEN Team from Shropshire Council, who are able to help staff identify particular needs of children and signpost them where to get individual support for a child from depending on their needs. We have a good working relationship with outside agencies, and welcome them in to the Nursery when necessary, with parental consent.

How does nursery include children with SEND in community based activities and outings?

When planning all activities and outings the Manager carries out a risk assessment during this time, she assesses how accessible the environment or activity is for a child with SEND. We ensure to take all medication and aids required to support a child's needs while out of the playgroup setting. Parents will always be informed of off site visits, and given the option for children to not attend the trip if that is preferential to parents, although all trips/activities are planned with all children in mind.

How accessible is Stottesdon Gateway Nursery?

The nursery has a ramped entrance to the building, making it accessible for all. The rear playground can be accessed via the field and gates. We have wide doors, providing access for wheelchairs. Accessible toilets and changing facilities are available.

How will Stottesdon Gateway Nursery prepare and support my child to join the playgroup or transfer to a new setting or school?  

The nursery offers a free trial session to see if the child and family are happy at the nursery. This session provides the child and parents with the opportunity to get to know the environment and key person. Parents are invited to remain in the setting until they are happy their child is settled, this time provides chances for the child's Key Person to get to know the parents and allows time for information sharing about the child's learning and development needs and the involvement of any outside agencies. During this period parental consent for ongoing support from agencies may be sought, alternatively this can be done during a meeting before your child starts at Playgroup. We will meet with any relevant agencies and seek any additional resources and training as necessary prior to your child starting, as long as information has been shared correctly.

If your child attends another setting alongside ours or leaves to join a new setting or start school we would invite the new setting in to the nursery to meet with the child's key person and SENCO, ensuring information is shared appropriately about the child's needs and to make sure the child receives the best transition possible. This is known as a transition meeting and will be carried out with parental consent. During this meeting we will share the child's Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and targets that have been set, and ensure the new setting has time to make changes as required to meet the child's needs. It may be possible for the child's key person to attend a settle session at the new setting if this will be a benefit to the child, to ensure a smooth transition.

How are Stottesdon Gateway Nurserys' resources allocated and matched to children's SEN?

Stottesdon Gateway Nursery has an annual budget for training, the Manager assesses the need for staff training in line with children's needs. We also have funds available to purchase resources required to support a child's leaning and development.

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

At Stottesdon Gateway Nursery the child's Key person and SENCO will carry out observations and assessments linked to the EYFS development matters guidance and with consultation with a child's parents we will make a decision on the support we believe is required. Extra support for children (either staffing or resources) will be put into place in the nursery with the intention and enabling the child to become more independent and progress in areas of learning and development. Working in partnership with parents will support the decision making process with regards to the child's progress. Nurserys' SENCO will provide advice to parents about the professional support required and will advise parents how to apply for extra support, once parental permission has been gained. The Area SENCO will support the Nursery staff in making applications for support for outside agencies. By using reports from outside agencies the nursery will plan and put support into place, using the child's ILP and set targets for the individual child, both at nursery and at home. During staff meetings we will ensure that all staff are aware of how to support the child's needs appropriately. For more information please contact our SENCO Sara Clulee or Rebecca Home.

How are parents involved at Stottesdon Gateway Nursery?

The nursery asks parents to work in partnership with them on all levels, especially by continuing to support their child when at home and by sharing information as appropriate with the nursery staff.

Who can I contact for more information?

The first person you should contact to discuss your child's needs is your assigned Key Person. If you would like more information on outside agencies please speak with either the setting SENCO or the Nursery Manager who will be able to signpost you to the appropriate person to meet your needs. With parental consent the nursery can contact outside agencies on your behalf, such as the area SENCO, speech and language therapists, GP's, health visitors, Sure Start Centres. If at any time you are unhappy with any aspect of our practice please come and discuss the matter with us to see if we can resolve the issue. If you are still unhappy with the outcome please refer to our complaints procedure which can be found on the school website. Ofsted contact details are displayed on the parent's notice board.

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